Have You Ever Been In Love?

Love is an emotional attachment that binds the souls of people. It brings people from different cultures and backgrounds together with the hope of sharing their wishes and dreams. It is a beautiful feeling that fills one's stomach with butterflies.
Love is sweet, and people give everything to be in love. People do many things when they are in love. This explains why someone might travel hundreds of kilometers to meet their partner. This is because love happens in the strangest of places, places you never expect. People have found love on Facebook, wellhello, and Twitter. It doesn’t matter where you have found love. What matters is how you treat it in everyday life.

1. Being in Love Feels like a Wave of Joy

One of the effects of being in love is an intense happy feeling. The thought that there is someone out there thinking of you sends a huge dopamine rush to your brain. Not only your brain, the whole body feels this. This is why you can stay awake late at night talking to them without having time to sleep.
When you are in love, the whole world, and every other person in it does not matter as this person becomes the center of your universe. You think about them a lot and nothing else matters.

2. Being in Love is Unique to everyone

People are generally happy and vulnerable when in love. However, some unique feelings will show when you are in love. Being in love with someone might mean having someone to show interest in every detail of their life. For another person, it means having someone to share materials things.
As a result, some people might value what others do not find relevant. This explains the fact that we experience love in different ways.

3. Being in Love is Peaceful

When you are in love, the roller coasters of emotions will transform into a sense of calmness. When love is sincere and genuine, irrespective of where you have found it (wellhello, high school lovers, Facebook, etc.), it will transform into other positive feelings like peace.

4. Being in love is all-consuming

When you love someone, the feeling could feel so strong that it can overpower you. This happens when you are feeling obsessive about the person.
This is expected because when you are in love, the majority of your thoughts are focused on the person. In some cases, people might change their personalities to suit their partners. These are natural responses caused by love.
When you are in love, you look forward to their company every time. The time you have to spend together becomes the highlight of your day. This is why you plan the date and night out with them.


Love is beautiful, and it adds color to our life. Men and women have written songs about love. Film producers have made outstanding films depicting love. It brings meaning to our lives and can help us have a sense of direction.