Antigone paintings in comparison to the Sentry’s description.

The Sentry was scared by the king's threats so he made a plan with the guards. The plan consisted of them first dusting off the body. Then they sat on a hill while a dust storm struck. When the storm struck they were facing towards the wind and the dust made their faces sting. When the storm stopped they saw Antigone, she came back to bury her brother. As soon as they saw her, they leaned down to snatch her and bring her back to the king to decide her fate. In Antigone, by Sophocles, the painting that best fits with Sentry’s description of the burial is painting number two.
The three paintings that did not match the Sentry’s description are paintings number one, three, and four. Painting number one did not fit the description because it had two ladies; one was Antigone and the other was most likely ismenie. But the play stated only Antigone was there in this line, “And then we looked, and there was Antigone!” Line 332. Painting number three was a close second in my opinion to painting number two. Mostly due to the fact that the sentry and guard are not up on a hill as the play states in this line, “So we sat on a hill to windward and kept guard.” Line 326. Painting number four, is a great painting don’t get me wrong. But it could have a few minor changes to make it almost perfect, first it could have the guards on a hill, and second it could have the dust/wine in it. But without those it doesn’t come nearly as close as number three or number one . These are the lines that show the parts it’s missing, “So we sat on a hill to windward and kept guard.”, and, “And then she brought some more dust” line 326 and 342. Those are some of the reasons why those paintings don’t quite match the sentry's description
I think that painting number two is the best match to the sentry’s description. The first reason that I think it’s the best painting is the fact that the guards are up on the hill, unlike the others where they weren’t present or too close. This is the text that relates the most to that part of the painting, “So we sat on a hill to windward and kept guard.” Line 342. That shows that they are present and on a hill. The other reason is that she has dust and is sprinkling it on her brothers dead body. This is the text that shows this, “And then she brought some more dust And sprinkled wine three times for her brothers ghost.”. The final reason is the guards are pointing at Antigone like they say her, and this is the text that showed this, “And then we looked, and there was Antigone!” Line 334. Those are the main reasons that this painting is the best match for the sentry’s description.
In Antigone, by Sophocles, the painting that best fits with Sentry’s description of the burial is painting number two. because the guards are up on a hill, that she’s sprinkling her brother with dust, and the guards were pointing as if the saw Antigone. And that is why painting number two fits the best with the sentry’s description because is gives you a great visual of what’s happening. 2019-11-20 19:41:48
When a married couple has so many issues and can’t come to any mutual agreements, a divorce typically occurs. This event can relate to the civil war. Around the time of the early to mid 1860’s the United States was divided into two groups of states, known as the South and the North. The Civil War, which started in 1861, was fought due to the disagreement of beliefs between the two groups. The Union, known as the Northern states, believed in a country where everyone had their own equal rights, there was a strong central government, and wanted the abolishment of slavery. The Confederates wanted state rights to be more prevalent, an increase of freedom towards the people from the government and their industry was agriculture which created a need for slavery. The Confederacy started with 7 states that all seceded from the Union before the war began. There were 5 neutral border states and the rest belonged to the Union. Only starting with 7 states, the Confederacy gained more throughout the beginning of the war as other states continued to secede from the union to join the confederate cause. The Confederacy had a total of 11 states by June 8th, 1861. The new joint states, known as the Confederate states had the right to be independent from the federal government and they were justified in doing so due to the fact that the majority of the citizens were in favor of seceding; the reasons behind these states seceding was the political motives to better state rights, freedom as an individual from a strong central government leading to slavery as the final dispute.
The first reason behind seceding consisted of wanting individual freedom and liberty from a strong central government. The Bill of Rights allows for the individual freedoms we have. The Union wanted a strong central government, while the confederates wanted to make their own decisions based on the majority vote of their state. In 1776, the Declaration of Independence enabled us freedom from Britain. America wanted freedom because they thought they were being treated poorly by the government and weren’t pleased by the taxes we had to help pay off. The Declaration of Independence explained the reasons behind the colonist movement to seek independence. As stated in the Declaration of Independence, “These United Colonies are, and of Right ought to be Free and Independent States” (Declaration of Independence). Although, in this quote they are relating it back to the Thirteen Colonies that Britain had control over. The Colonies or United States, beliefs correspond with the south, causing them both to want their freedom overall from the overpowering central government. The Confederates left the Union in order to help them better succeed in their lifestyle which was economically based around agriculture. The Declaration of Independence justified the colonies removing themselves from Britain, so in the same way it justifies the Confederates seceding from the Union. As stated in the introduction, they were 4 states who seceded in the first few months of the Civil War. One of these states was Virginia. Written in 1776, The Virginia Declaration of Rights, stated “Whenever any government shall be found inadequate or contrary to these purposes, a majority of the community hath a right, to reform, alter, or abolish it” (Virginia Declaration of Rights). The people have power to change things if the majority of citizens believe change is necessary. Also, the Virginia Declaration of Rights explains that “All power is vested in, and consequently derived from, the people” (Virginia Declaration of Rights). This means that the power of the United States comes from the people, and all power does not lie in the central government. The document also believes in the pursuit of happiness and allowing the people to follow their true beliefs. The Confederates decisions are justified through this document by relating it to the 11 states who had a majority vote to secede from the Union. For the pursuit of happiness to occur in the South, going against the government is justified in terms of what benefits them versus the North’s beliefs. In the article Lincoln on Secession, written by Lindsey and Wellman, they discuss Abraham Lincoln, which is the president of the Union. They explain his reasoning behind not supporting the South and their movement. Not only do they explain his ten arguments against secession, they provide information on why Lincoln’s arguments were inadequate. “Lincolns ten arguments consisted of two against secession, of any stripe, one against withdrawing from a republic, and seven meant specifically to undermine the souths claim to independence” (Lindsay and Wellman, pg. 115). One argument Lincoln displayed was that people in the south would struggle economically, without the Northern States. With the south seceding, they are able to stay economically sound due to the booming agriculture economy, with the help of slaves on plantations. Lindsey and Wellman opposed Lincolns argument by stating, “Even if Lincoln were right that the South's economy would do less well on its own, it seems that the Southerners should have enjoyed the moral dominion to decide whether the benefits of independence were worth the economic costs” (Lindsay and Wellman, pg. 128). Even with Lincolns beliefs of the south’s economic struggles on their own, they still wished to secede in order to gain freedom overall from the north.
The second point in seceding was not only wanting freedom from a strong central government, but the political motives to better state rights. The states felt as if they held no power, especially because all the power was held in the strong national government. The Anti-Federalist papers believed that the states should hold the most power. They went against the constitution because the states would be giving away too much power that government would hold. Antifederalist, Patrick Henry gave a speech on June 5th, 1788 and he stated, “If you make the citizens of this country agree to become the subjects of one great consolidated empire of America, your Government will not have sufficient energy to keep them.” (Speech of Patrick Henry) With the states having power, they can make their own choices, pertaining to slavery in south. The Anti-Federalist papers believed in giving power to the states which can justify states seceding to better state rights. In the article Self Determination and Right to Secede, Allen Buchanan describes certain examples of secession. Towards the end, he states “A first step towards doing this is to begin to rethink the most fundamental categories of political philosophy and international law. The notions of sovereignty, self-determination and of the state itself — and to develop moral and constitutional frameworks for a limited right to secede” (Buchanan, pg. 365). He believes there shouldn’t be a limited right to secede, and that the international law of self-determination should relate to the state as a whole for their right to secede. Jefferson Davis was the Confederate states president. He wrote his Farewell Address in 1861, to allow others to understand the reasoning behind seceding and to explain his thoughts. Davis’ message was that he didn’t want to be enemies with the Union, he just wanted the Confederate states to have power over their beliefs. “Secession belongs to a different class of remedies. It is to be justified upon the basis that the States are sovereign” (Davis, par. 5). The Union believed all power should be in the government, while the confederacy believed that they should be in control of their own state because they can encounter what is going on around them.
The final and most important point behind secession was disagreeing with the abolishment of slavery. Slavery arose as an issue in the early 1800’s. The Missouri Compromise settled an agreement in 1820. It was an intense issue that led to the civil war. The Missouri compromise was known for slave states to cancel out with the free states. A slave state, being Missouri could only take place if Maine was a free state. It prohibited slavery in all areas except Missouri or South of the 36/30 parallel. The Kansas Nebraska Act came into play in 1854, which violated the Missouri Compromise. Kansas and Nebraska were not in the dimensions that slavery was allowed, which created the dispute over slavery leading to the idea of seceding. With slavery looked at as a negative in every aspect at this time to the other states, John C Calhoun wrote “A Positive Good”. In this document, he explained how slavery should be looked as an advantage and not so much as an evil. In his eye’s slavery could benefit both the slaves and the slave owner. As stated in the document, slavery is “Indispensable to the peace and happiness of both” (Calhoun, par. 2). This quote proves how slavery tended to help, more than hurt. Slavery provided for the slaves and helped the whites succeed in agriculture economically. John C Calhoun also stated that he believes we should maintain the existing relations between the two races, allowing for a relationship to benefit one another. The whites were benefitted because they got cheap labor, while the blacks benefitted from understanding civilization and exposure to new land and beliefs. slavery allowed for the black Race to succeed in a civilized condition, and to be in an overall better land, due to their labor it prospered over the years. Slavery was one of the most critical issues regarding the separation between the confederates and the union. With the Missouri Compromise and Kansas Nebraska Act allowing slavery in certain areas, states are able to secede if their beliefs on slavery justify it. John C Calhoun gave justifiable reasons on why slavery shouldn’t be abolished, even if it only occurred in the South. Slavery was the biggest source of income in the south due to cheap labor which allowed for their agriculture to flourish. In order for slavery to continue the states had to secede from the Union, because state rights were not prevalent in the North.
The United States was founded after a central government was oppressing its people by not allowing the freedom all humans should have. The Federal government in America was doing similar things to its own states, which resulted in the Civil War. The Confederates had their reasons to secede being slavery, the political motives to better state rights and separation from a strong central government. Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis, both leaders to the different sides, gave their views on the right to secede. With gaining state rights, freedom from a strong central government and the right to not abolish slavery allowed for the south to flourish in the time they had. The Civil War ended the separation between the Confederates and the Union, although the justification of the South seceding will always stand.
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